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yo guys what’s going on exlusive back with another fortnight video now today we have a very interesting video we’re gonna go through an experiment here and see what’s we’re gonna uncover some information here now before we begin don’t forget to drop a like subscribe turn on notifications comment all that stuff but let’s just dive right in this video and get into the topic as you can tell by the title so basically I’ve been noticing a pattern in the fortnight community which is these kids really love their fruit shipment and I don’t know about you but I also love for you and my account is uh it’s not looking too healthy right now I’ve been spending a lot of money I don’t have the school or Google troop or even the galaxy scan or anything like that so let’s see if we can change that today and try to get some free skins here so basically what I’ve seen here basically the top on a You Tube here and we’ll search up three for tonight it’s already the the top result here free for tonight skins right so let’s see what we got here three hidden skins top 10 best skins free ez skins 20 18 how to get free skins for tonight easy oh I wasn’t gonna click on this one but now that he put easy in the title I think we got to check this one out because if it’s easy then obviously I want to see it oh it’s updated too ok this must be legit here

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let’s just quickly run through it’ll tell us what we need to do so obviously talked much editing obviously some groovy music here that everybody loves everyone who wants free skin us you know I also want to listen to some cool music too you know what everyone wants free skins but we just take time to appreciate this music right now alright so here we go oh wow No skins added daily okay this was clearly professionally this is clearly a professionally done website all right let’s just hit the link okay so obviously very clean URL this definitely looks legit here like I said absolutely top-notch website designing obviously spent obviously they spent a lot of time trying to get this username so it’s telling us adder at the games username okay um alright so here’s what I’m gonna do I’m probably the virus off of this just let you guys know but uh I don’t obviously don’t wanna put this on my normal account I’m gonna go make a fake account and then I’ll be back and we’ll try with the fake account alright guys so we’re golden we got the account set up now let’s just throw in our username here so I love these skins alright guys so just for the sake of simplifying this video let’s just go ahead and try I don’t know what’s the big one although everyone wants to see let’s go with the skull trooper alright we’ll go to scroll trooper and I yeah so of course I want to get my skin so we got everything set up here we got the username in we sit well okay so we just gotta prove her on a bot to complete an offer yeah yeah there’s definitely no other way that they can prove we’re not a bot they can’t do one of those picture capture things we actually have to do a survey probably littered with ads so yeah it makes sense but get free access to the hottest shows and film now do you know player unknown battleground buh-buh-buh-buh let’s just go with heap stream TV movies and TV shows I don’t know it seems pretty simple so let me guess we have to sign up so let’s just go with I don’t even know how to actually don’t use my real email for this I love skins at sure that sounds pretty good password fortnight I’m not even telling this right I’m just gonna smash that in there oh we actually have to confirm the password okay sorry let me actually make a proper password I’ll just do fortnight skins eleven then we’ll go here fortnight skins eleven I probably I think I messed that up okay we’ll agree we’re 18 years old except okay lit you don’t want to save that now we’re inside the thing I don’t know what we’re supposed to do I guess maybe we’re supposed to play around in here for a couple minutes said two to three minutes so I’m gonna do that and then I’ll be back with you guys once I’m done playing around for two to three minutes in this app it’s waiting for verification here I don’t know I’m supposed to do here all right so I don’t know why this isn’t working.

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I mean obviously this is super legit I’m surprised it’s not working so this guy apparently did this one in the video so I don’t know let’s go back and try that one I’m assuming so I guess it’s this one the Visa gift card one ok email address three four Knicks games all right we’ll agree to that continue and then of course we get hit with the fat add here our survey I guess we have to do this so what interests you um dude I don’t know what the Pikmin all of these are interesting me right now where’s like the survey thing or whatever Oh which is that the kidding me this I don’t know bro postal code hold up alright so I’m just gonna use the postal code in my school cuz they can suck my and same thing free skins I really don’t couldn’t care less about I need his address I don’t know one two three Sesame Street I don’t even wear I really don’t care at this point like I know I’m spelling this wrong date of birth obviously zero one zero one and then like 1945 okay because everyone born in 1945 just wants free skins under account mobile phone number I don’t know man I’ll just make up a fake number with my area code hopefully that does the trick and then obviously we’re female will continue okay congratulations okay dude we’re getting so close we’re in the final steps here okay final steps guys this is big this is big Wow so we okay guys so we really have no other option we just have to sign up for one of these programs it’s telling us so we’re gonna go ahead and sign up for the Disney Movie Club oh wait hold up all of these are paid what why is it saying download the movie download movie I want my [ __ ] very I want my I want my prize I want my galaxies on my skull trooper bro no you’re joking me I did everything I’m not signing up for this I literally went through all the steps bro come on and that was I can’t even go back to the verification page it’s time we have to download a movie ok I don’t understand are you kidding me look at this let’s read some of the comments here everyone we got there is except for me look at this guy bro de Ville whammies bro 50 year old man got his skin dawg.

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he’s 50 years old and he has his skins but I want my skins look at this he he free galaxy skins I free galaxy skins already and my friends to him and all his friends free galaxy scans this is ridiculous oh my wait hold on no Jessica Smith no way we have Jessica Smith here it took her only two minutes and she has and the galaxy’s skin started coming she has multiple galaxy skins in two minutes Stewart Wallace every he got it - why is everyone he getting it over the age of 40 I don’t understand it’s almost like these comets are bodied but that can’t be the case here because this is an extremely credible Channel and that was an extremely credible website this is odd man I don’t understand bro look at this everyone this guy’s in like a suit or something bro these guys are all 50 years old and they have it this is so weird why don’t I get it man these are like a rule you have to be 50 plus and no process while I get free skull trooper oh my god dude we have some English scholars on our hands in this comment section right now these guys really know what they’re talking about how come the only people saying that it’s not working or kids that’s weird to me see look at this all the people that are it’s all kids but the guys who are getting unlimited skins is Bradley gold and this guy has been full beard this is just I’m not adding up the guy but then the guy with the roblox profile picture can’t get his skin ah Wan Boylan Deborah like all these grown people are getting their skins and all these kids are not gonna I don’t understand I want my free skin you know what guys I’m sorry this is a joke all these grown 50 year old people are getting their skins and I’m me and none of these other kids are not getting their skins I don’t understand dude it’s almost like this was a scam and these comics are just bodied but it can’t be the case it can’t be the case here there’s no way this guy’s too credible of a channel let’s take a look at this guy’s channel look at this he has five videos and his look at this his last video but besides this week was nine years ago there’s no way this guy’s this guy’s credible man look at his look at his banner man this guy is completely credible bro I don’t understand there must I must be doing something wrong here guys I must be the case here that’s why I’m not getting my free skins you know what it’s all right maybe this wasn’t the I think wait wait no yeah are you guys seeing this are you guys seeing this up here in the top right how to get free fortnight skins okay let’s see if dragon awareness can help us out here new glitch website okay so this is a new one this guy’s clearly is legit here okay let’s see what we got to do let’s see he’s gonna look he’s in enlighten us here to do in order to use this glitch so basically on your mobile device visit galaxy unlock to a club what you gotta do is enter your epic game come on iPhone and then so it will only take around 30 seconds to generate skins and I have a generator I’m basically okay gonna generate so here he’s showing us that he has unlocked cool troopers skull trooper galaxy skin okay into your account this looks legit now after he does the ads let’s see what happens here so we go over this for tonight he has the galaxy strikes and now as you guys can see I’m in faultless but where’s the school play dragon dragon where’s the skull trooper ok must be coming out video 100% free where’s the gold where’s the skull trooper where’s the gold trooper alright.

1guys you know what I’m trippin this I must be legit the galaxy unlock club I want to be I don’t know about you guys I want to join the club man I want to be part of the galaxy unlock club so you know we’re gonna do right now guys hop over on my phone right now and we’ll check we’ll take a look at the the galaxy Club okay we’ll see we’ll see what’s going on here alright guys so we’ll see what’s going on here so basically we have to go to galaxy unlock dot Club so we’ll do that galaxy unlock dot Club okay so we’re hopefully gonna be joining the club right now which sounds awesome alright guys so I don’t know why it’s not showing up but I just put in my username which is I love free skins I don’t know why it’s not showing up I’m pretty sure that was our username so let’s go ahead here obviously we’re in iOS unlock galaxy scan yeah of course bro I want that man skullripper yes unlock ace of course cool trouble yes okay wild card you know what dude I’m gonna have to keep it real I’m not feeling the wild card so we’re gonna have to select no on that one but um yeah alright so unlock scans man okay so we have rack rack and s is unlocked it meta rhyperior okay oh there’s a lot of people unlocking me so let’s let’s join the club guess they’re already in the club right now so as you can see I love free skins it’s connecting to the secure server this looks legit man I don’t know about you guys it’s doing some coding some hacking in my game it’s about to get me the skins I need this looks good man I’m excited I’m excited so it’s asking us for human verification alright let’s see okay so the human verification empty again there’s there’s no way for ID we’ll do a CAPTCHA or anything we have to download an app to verify okay so I actually have one of these apps installed so I’m just gonna go ahead and pretend like I installed it even though I already have it just open it up and we’ll just use it I don’t know I think the guy said in the video we turned it on or something we’ll just check it out we’ll turn the app on I don’t know guys well sure I’m just gonna stay in this app play around like mess around with it for like a good couple minutes and then I’ll be back with you guys once I’m done alright guys so basically I’d come back here I played around.

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the app it’s not saying I have less it’s not lowering my offers that I need to complete it’s not verifying the completion process and yes so I don’t know what’s going on and then when I try to hit the other VPNs and I’ll hit tap to install it’ll take me to some weird website here where it’s asking me to apparently I don’t even know what it’s asking me but it’s it’s just not even doing anything right now but before I was asking me to like slide to unlock or some sketchy stuff that wasn’t even working so I’m kind of confused right now I’m actually here we go I’m a little sad I can’t I can’t you guys can see my finger right now I’m actually trying to swipe it’s not letting me I think this might also be a fraud you know what honestly okay we’re done with that guys I apologize that didn’t work you know what I’m gonna keep it real with you guys though I think that was my bad - I don’t think dragon was I think the website was legit I think it was my bad again so alright guys so I actually have a huge confession to make here’s the account that we here’s the account we try to get the free skins on and as you can see here’s something I wasn’t telling you we got a couple of free skins here a couple of couple exclusives but then when you look here here’s where the real the real it material is here here we have Google Trooper your skull trooper we have the galaxy skin we have a couple nice ones here so you know what it actually does work this couple cool dances here too so it actually does work I take it back yes so if you guys are looking for some free skin just go hit a fish sites and you’ve definitely good skin anyone who actually still thinks that this is legit to all my younger subscribers.

whatever these freebie buck sites these free scans these free accounts everything you see is completely fake it’s so obvious it’s so stupid they just want to scam you they just want your account details they just want you to go on their sites and download their apps where they make money and they make money off ads it’s completely a hoax you’re not getting any free scans you’re the region’s putting your own security at risk I literally did this for an experimental purpose since I’ve seen so many of these and everything don’t give away your account details to anybody don’t fall for this bowl and yeah that’s the end of the video everything here that you see is a scam also don’t buy any for net accounts because that usually doesn’t end too well either but anyways guys I hope you guys enjoyed the video I’m gonna be back out with another video hopefully really soon I hope you guys enjoyed you guys know what to do stay tuned for the next video thanks for watching I’m out peace [Music] [Music]

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